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Helpful Information About Your Smoke Detector

Yearly Battery Replacement and Testing for Your Smoke Detector

Like all other electrical devices, your smoke detector can also develop problems over time. Let the experienced professionals at KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc help ensure that the device remains operational and in good condition at all times. We are a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor serving Southwest Florida.

If you've recently purchased a new home, we can help to update your equipment to ensure that it complies with existing codes and standards. KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc is well-versed with the standard maintenance procedures and rules and regulations concerning the use of smoke detectors. Aside from our installation and repair services, we also offer yearly battery replacements and smoke detector testing. We can also help to increase the reliability of your smoke detector by including our ten-year batteries that are available with the smoke detectors we install.
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Choose the Smoke Alarm That Suits Your Needs

Listed below are three commonly used smoke alarms for the detection of fires. Read more about them and then make an informed decision about the one you want installed in your property.
  • Ionization Smoke Detectors: When the device senses smoke, it disrupts the flow of ions, which then prevents the flow of electrical current between the two charged plates. This activates the alarm. This type of smoke alarm is generally better at detecting flaming fires and is a safe bet for installation since the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that 94% of home fires are flaming fires.
  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarms: When smoke enters the smoke detector, light is reflected onto a light sensor, triggering the alarm. This type of smoke alarm is great at detecting smoldering fires, which sometimes burn for hours before bursting into flames. This type of a fire can occur when someone having a lighted cigarette in his or her hand falls asleep and the lit cigarette falls on the bed or couch. A photoelectric smoke alarm is a must-have for such situations.
  • Combination Detectors / Alarms: Although ionization smoke detectors are the most commonly used smoke detectors, for extra precaution, KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc recommends installing our combination detectors. These devices provide complete protection against all types of fires. If you're looking for the best smoke detection option, our combination smoke detectors may be just what you need to protect your home or business.
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